ON THE BOARDS - Des Moines School Based Health Center
Des Moines School Based Health Center

This is a new project we are working on in northeastern New Mexico in the town of Des Moines. It is a School Based Health Clinic (SBHC) and is located on the school campus. Primarily located in areas with limited access to health care services, SBHCs provide on-site primary care to students and families.Click here to see more pictures.

ON THE BOARDS - Splay House
Splay House

This is a new house we're working on for some great clients! The challenge was to design a home which preserved the natural mountainous character of the site while celebrating the grandeur of the mountain and the limitless western views toward Albuquerque's Rio Grande River Valley. The lot sits at the foot of the Sandia Mountains and extends dramatically down a steep slope spotted with massive granite boulders and native vegetation. Click here to see more pictures.

ON THE BOARDS - Native American Community Academy
Native American Community Academy

JAA is currently working on the design for a new 75,000 square feet charter school in Albuquerque. The new school will be home to middle school and high school Native American students from pueblos and tribes all over the U.S. The site is located on the east escarpment near University Arena (The Pitt). The site has an approximate 45 feet of grade change which affords unimpeded views of the west mesa, downtown Albuquerque, and the volcanoes. The project will utilize terraced gardens to ameliorate the massive grade change issues as well as provide the students with opportunities to grow their own food. The project is currently early in the Schematic Design phase and is awaiting approval from Albuquerque Public Schools to proceed. Click here to see more pictures.

ON THE BOARDS - Anderson Residence
Anderson Residence

Jon is trying to build a new house for his family on a lot he owns just East of the office. It's in the Fourth Ward Historic Overlay Zone and has to be approved by the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission. The design guidelines do not want you to imitate contributing buildings. It says that new construction shall be unique in design but shall relate to contributing buildings in scale, proportion and massing. So far Jon has not received approval. After 4 public hearings, the LUCC voted to not approve the design and Jon has written an appeal to be heard in front of the City Council. Location: 908 Roma Avenue NW